Iwona Górska

Pracownia malarska Iwona Górska

At the Painter's Studio

The human body structure is the main inspiration for my works. Secrets of soul are the source of afflation.

Painting is my way of communication. On the linen canvas I create morphic forms and call new existence into being. What fascinates me is the plasticity of human body, the way the muscles move, what shapes and structures they create. While observing dancers and athletes I design compositions, which become a subject of my works.

Studio Iwona górska Iwona Górska The Painter's Studio

Not only do I focus on details but I also devote much time to each artwork until I find an ideal composition and perfect colours. I spend long hours painting anatomical particulars. I paint with yellow tones. At the same time I experiment with neon colours. Surrealistic compositions underline plasticity of the human body. Thanks to studying old master's paintings I elaborated my own painting technique. I enriched traditional oil painting with modern solutions.

It allows me to gain vivid colours, which keep the fresh view over the years.

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